Pkg_add not working properly

  • hey. i've run into problems installing packages through pkg_add on my embedded board (alix w/ 256mb ram).
    in specific, there seems to be a lack of free space on /var
    i've solved this for now by simply disabling write protection, then creating a directory /1 on the root partition (enough space there) and then creating a symbolic link

    mkdir /1
    ln -s /1 /var/tmp

    after the installations were done i simply removed /1 and the symbolic link i created.

    packages i needed to install were: wget, nano and syslog-ng - which also lead to the installation of perl and python among some others.
    python and perl by themselves gave me some sort of  "not enough space" msg.

    pkg_add -r python

    i realize my solution ain't pretty but it worked for the time being.
    if someone knows another workaround, please post here - i'd be interested.


    uname -a
    FreeBSD demo.pfsense 8.3-RC2 FreeBSD 8.3-RC2 #0: Sat Apr  7 21:57:20 EDT 2012  i386

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    Just FYI, you can use fetch and ee instead of wget and nano. They are already installed.


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    When we add packages on NanoBSD for gitsync or the package system, we do a little dance to make sure it works properly and doesn't run /var out of space:

    Here is the snippet from gitsync to load git:

            echo "Cannot find git, fetching...";
            if (($g['platform'] == "nanobsd") || ($g['platform'] == "embedded")) {
                    $pkgtmpdir = "/usr/bin/env PKG_TMPDIR=/root/ ";
                    $pkgstagingdir = "/root/tmp";
                    if (!is_dir($pkgstagingdir))
                    $pkgstaging = "-t {$pkgstagingdir}/instmp.XXXXXX";
            system("{$pkgtmpdir}/usr/sbin/pkg_add {$pkgstaging} -r git");

    By setting PKG_TMPDIR and passing a staging directory, it will process things in another place.

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    Just FYI, you can use fetch and ee instead of wget and nano. They are already installed.

    ^ that too.

  • I'm just used to nano + wget … they're not that important anyway since i won't be needing them on a production system anyway.

    So setting that variable I still also need to make sure the directory I have it point to is not read-only, I guess. Thanks for the info though. I remember using pkg_add with no problems on prior versions of pfsense (1.2 I think).

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    Not on embedded you wouldn't have. On a full install it always works fine. :-)

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