Data Transfer CAP

  • Hi,

    I've searched and tried unsuccesfully to setup a bandwidht limit usage on my network. I have a 60GB monthly limit and i'm billed 1.50$ for every extra GB. Having 3 kids who download pretty much everything they want, this can add up very fast.

    How can i set this up?

    Pfsense 2.0.1

  • I don't know how to setup a cap, but why don't you assign their IP's static IP's via the DHCP server (have to assign IP's out of the DHCP range) and setup speed limits to each of their IP's and also Layer7 traffic shaping to block bittorrent downloads. Another way you could do this is setup a captive portal on your LAN with per user login speed caps.

  • As far as i know, in PFsense u can only set speed limits with either captive portal or limiters. However if u need quota management, pfsense can't do it therefore u shall get something like daloradius and map it to pfsense to handle user and quota management. (server farm in ur house) :D

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