• hello,

    I have tried PFsense on my machine a few times
    I have m0n0wall, beacuse it works and it is stable
    everytime I use PFsense I get dissapointed, I had tried PFsense few days ago (again)
    I did update firmware, but I couldn't notice any change

    first of all traffic shaping doesn't work!
    my internet connection is slow like hell on pfsense, while flying on m0n0wall, why?

    I did user traffic shaper wizzard, tried to play Call Of Duty 1 & 2 - ping about 800ms
    back to m0n0wall - ping about 50-60ms

    http browsing is also very slow on pfsense

    router configuration:
    amd duron 800mhz
    256ddr ram
    2.1gb hdd
    2x3com NIC

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