Dual bridging

  • dear all,
    I'm using pfsense with 3 wans and I'd like to bridge 2 of them to 2 different lans:

    WAN1 ---\                /BRIDGE-WAN1
    WAN2 ---/                \BRIDGE-WAN2

    WAN1 and WAN2 are on the same nic using vlan (60 and 61), and so are BRIDGE-WAN1 and BRIDGE-WAN2 (vlan 61 and 71 of another nic)
    I'm unable to to the bridge because pfsense creates just bridge0 with all 4 vlans, and not bridge0 with vlan60&vlan61 + bridge1 with vlan70&vlan71.
    Is there any way to create 2 bridges?
    (I'm using 1.2 beta1 04-30-07)

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