Load Balancer Virtual Server WAN Dynamic

  • Hi my friends.

    I had read the book and the doc about load balancer, I'm running pfsense 2.0.1, I want to load balance 2 internal www servers, but the book say went u setup the virtual server it say to put the WAN IP static, but what about a wan with dynamic IP?

    Is possible? if yes what happen wen the wan IP change?

    Thanks for your time!!!

  • It does require using a static IP. What you could do is use the LAN IP there instead, and add a port forward on WAN to send that traffic to the LAN IP. The port forward will automatically update when your IP changes, and the server load balancer won't have to. You may want to add an IP Alias type VIP on LAN to use for that, if you need to use the same ports the web GUI is using. Or just change its port under System>Advanced

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