• So lastnight my system went down and i still dont know how to see what caused it.  I thought that by looking at the System Logs that it might give me an idea but it only shows the last hour or so of logs.  And, i have a strange error that has just started since the system went down, in the system logs i see:

    ntop[60604]: WARNING RRD: rrd_update(/var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces/em0/throughput.rrd) error: illegal attempt to update using time 1334142503 when last update time is 1334142505 (minimum one second step)

    And now i can't open up my RRD Graphs.  It does open up wbut when i click on Traffic menu as i normally do, it just sits and page is loading but nothing happens.

    Anyone know how i can fix this? Also, how do i see logs from pas 24 hours for example?  I need to see if this crash was my pfSense box of something else..

  • logging on other machine?

  • Yes, i need to do this i think.  When you say another machine, what do i need to build up to create such a machine?

  • spare computer running any OS you prefer and any logging software you prefer. i'd use some old xp machine with great amount of diskspace and for a starter i'd log in kiwi syslog

  • That means the system clock went backwards for some reason. Isn't related to anything other than generating RRD data. System clock should sync via NTP periodically and that should get the data being collected properly again, though the system clock in some systems will drift significantly which may not be easy to work around (BIOS update or disabling ACPI in BIOS most commonly fix significant time drift if that's the case). Generally the quality RRD graph is the best place to look for connectivity problems in the past, but depending on when your system clock went nuts,you may not have that data.