Urgent: I need 2 WAN ports to act as a switch (bridge)-the right way to do this?

  • My ISP uses only one-port RJ45 WAN and one gateway IP (with many additional IP addresses), but I need to put a SIP ATA directly on internet.
    My network diagram:

    /–-- SIP ATA (for faxing with GW:
                       ---- WAN (pfSense) - GW:

    I know that I can put a switch after ISP port, but I do not want to use some cheap plastic box for all my connections. So I think about this:

    /---- OPT1 (pfSense, bridget with WAN) ---- SIP ATA (for faxing with GW:
                       ---- WAN (pfSense, bridged with OPT1) - GW:

    How can I do this with pfSense 2.0.1? Can I just bridge WAN +OPT1, assign OPT4 to BRIDGE0 and set IP address to ISP, put ISP RJ45 to WAN, put ATA in OPT1 and set additional IP address to ATA device?

  • Solved - it works as I needed. Now I have 2-port switch on my WAN side.