The system returned: (61) Connection refused

  • Hello!
    I got a big problem with something in PFSense blocking either the internal or the external IP addresses.
    The current scenario:
    i sacrified one of my old pc to host PFSense, after i got some basic grasp of it from the USB stick installation.
    This first pc is running with the captive portal on, and redirect all the incoming wireless traffic to a second pc, where i installed Xampp and builded up a very basic website using Dolphin.
    In Dolphin, there is a php file called "" where you have to insert in the url address a private or a public address, but not both at the same time (ie: or
    Now, if i put a local address, i can only get into it from inside the LAN but all connection from the web are blocked by PFSense (i included a picture showing the error message).
    The same happen if i change that address to a public IP address as "", all connection coming from the LAN will be blocked and only connections coming from the web will be allowed.
    There is a solution to this without the need to disable the Captive Portal  ???
    Thanks for any input on this, i really appreciated it  :)

  • A strange thing is, that on a different folder on Xampp, i installed the PHPBB3 forum, and that one will work on both the local area network and the web, PFSense is only interested in blocking the Dolphin (Boonex) website.
    Does anyones knows what setting needs to be modified to put a end to this inconvenience?
    Thank you

  • that's squid doing that. Why exactly is hard to say from the info provided. It means where ever Squid is running, the web server at is refusing connections from it (connection reset by peer).

  • Hi CMB and thanks for the reply.
    I mean, both Squid and Dolphin are creatures from the sea, so they should get well along…. ;D
    Why this doesn't happen with PHPBB3 which is running from exactly the same address (  ), the parent folder is the same, they are in 2 different subfolder which i did even try to swap but the result was the same...the Squid is discriminating

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