Current Hardware config, what can it support?

  • Hi all,
            Just thought I would ask a fairly simple question in regards to what sort of performance i could get out of this box i just purchased from the auctions, and additional hardware I had for it

    Sun Ultra 20
    AMD Opteron 148
    4Gb RAM <–- The system didnt come with RAM, so I bought this
    500Gb Seagate SATA HDD <--- System didnt come with HDD, but I had this 500Gb sitting in my Tech Room, so threw that in
    Atheros 54m PCI Wireless Card <--- System didnt come with, but added this in, so I can setup my own AP to control Wireless devices
    2xRealtek 10/100/1000 PCI NIC's <--- Again, added these myself, 1 is currently not in use yet, but will be in the coming weeks as I bring another server online

    Based on the specs above, what sort of bandwidth do you think maximum this system could cope with?

    And any ideas as to other tweaks/changes I can make to make the system run even better than it already is, lol :)

  • why are you not install an AP on lan interface insetead of atheros device….from my expeierence i had problems with drivers with one wifi device on usb, so i m running with AP on lan interface for wifi , it's working great ! also with yur configuration you could use an 300MB wifi working as AP...i understood that you have a 1000mb lan interface ...will work great !

  • thanks for a bit of extra info man :)

    Was lucky to get this server from the auctions, its been running sweet since i got it home and configured.

    And surprisingly, the Atheros Wireless card works 100%, the one i am using, so i had no issues getting it functioning as a Wireless AP

    apart from that, its just not getting the most from the connection, or adapting pfsense to the hardware/connection

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    Based on the specs above, what sort of bandwidth do you think maximum this system could cope with?

    Your CPU is going to be the limiting factor in that system I would expect.
    I've not used an Opteron based system but lets compare it with some other cpus.
    I have to say I'm not convinced by that benchmark, it seems too low. It's below the single core Atom N270.
    Compare that to a known figure: The Atom D525 can achieve 640Mbps and benchmarks at 714.
    This implies the Opteron would max out at 530Mbps.

    I don't believe that!

    I'd be interested in some real numbers to compare.


  • LOL

    530, well, I might do that LAN/WIFI Traffic ;D

    But never on the WAN Link, so I think Im safe on that regards

    If anyone else has a similar overall setup like mine, eg: 2 Gigabit Realtek NICS, 1 54m Atheros Wireless, Onboard nVidia 1Gb NIC, Im always willing to share some info on how i got mine going

    Ive also got some information I trawled around the net to find on how to best fine tune your freebsd network stack to suit your connection

    So once I get that done, I'll share some tips if you all like :D

  • according to that chart, and what the motherboard manufacturer says, the maximum processor it can support and the highest performing one, is close to this one:

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+

    The board can support a max X2 4800, so the fact that processor is in the top 5, thats ok by me, lol, only real upgrade the system will need really. a Firewall with 4Gb RAM, 500Gb HDD space for proxy/snort & whatnot, only the processor i envision upgrading

  • should be able to do gigabit wire speed with a box along those lines. Though the NICs are less than ideal, some Broadcom or Intel cards would be significantly better, but unless you're talking serious datacenter usage it likely won't matter.

    I don't think I'd bother upgrading the CPU, you'd get a lot more mileage out of good quality NICs, and probably little or nothing out of a faster proc.

  • hmm thats true cmb

    considering the box was a rare find @ the auctions, i cant complain

    might look for 2 intel gigabit pci-e cards, the board supports them