• Hello all,

    Im sure this should be simple, but I am a bit of a noob.  I am trying to run pfsense on an Instagate 604 router with an AEWIN CB-7960 embedded motherboard.  I installed pfsense 2.0.1 embedded to a hard drive from an acer intel computer, and then put the hard drive in the Instagate and booted.  When i connected using the console port it wouldn't boot without selecting the correct boot partition.  After updating the fstab, it will now start to boot, but it hangs after "Creating symlinks…...done," even with verbose startup.  However, it boots fine under safe mode, and is completely accessible via ssh and web gui.  What can I do to make it boot normally?

  • I figured it out, I found in another FreeBSD forum (lost the link) that I need to add:


    to the /boot/loader.conf.

    Once again, I am a noob, but I would imagine this would be because I cannot modify the bios settings for acpi etc.

    Now it boots perfectly!