Moving from Physical Installation to Virtual

  • Hi All,

    Currently I have pfSense sitting on a HP MicroServer with an 8GB SSD and running as the only OS.
    I have 3 NICs (Internal + 2 x PCIe).

    1. LAN2 (unused at current)
    2. WAN
    3. LAN

    Basically I want to know how to Backup pfSense, install ESXi on this Server (Will install ESXi on SSD and use 3 x regular HDs for VM Storage), Install a new pfSense, then Restore my Backup and connect the correct Connections to the Correct VirtualNICs.

    How would one go about doing this?



  • Diagnostics > Backup

    Build your VM and install pfSense

    Diagnostics  > Restore

  • it's that easy.
    i have an 80/20 fibre connection with a vdsl modem going into a vlan'd physical switch. the wan vlan goes into a physical nic on my exsi server. pfsense vm is vlan'd within (not on the esxi virtual switch) and all private vlans go back up the same cable and are distributed there.
    make sure you install the open-vm-tools and you set pfsense vm to autoboot before the other vm's.

  • Worked Great! Thanks guys!!!!