Deleted NAT Port Forward Still Working

  • I recently upgraded to 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386) and then deleted a few NAT Port Forwarding rules and applied the changes.  The NAT Port Forward entries no longer show in the gui and the associated WAN rules are gone as well, however, they are still working (ie: I can still access the services they pointed to from outside my network)  This is a simple network setup with PFsense acting as the border router.

    Is this something seen before or would it be indicative of a larger problem?

    Thank You!


  • Current connection states are maintained until you reset them:

    Select Diagnostics -> States: Here you will the states.
    Click on the 'Reset States' tab to reset them.

  • I have reset the states, but the Port Forwards are still working.

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    Reboot and see if thay are stille there….

  • Thank you for your help Supermule.  Rebooting fixed the issue.

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    U r welcome :)

  • If all the states truly were gone, then you have a problem with filter reloads failing. It's never required to reboot to remove a port forward. That would definitely be caused by a package of some sort, one that ties into the filter reload (squid, pfblocker, countryblock, amongst others). Check Status>Filter reload, force a filter reload and see what it shows. Check the system log.

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