Server not found and must keep refreshing

  • First of all I absolutely love pfsense…. Great job and keep up the great work....

    I was wondering if anyone else has had problems where every computer on the LAN keeps getting "Server not found" but when you reload it finds it and goes to the site.  It work fine when I my linksys router but keeps doing this when pfsense is up.  It's done it on 1beta1, 1beta2bugtestlrease2,3, and 5.


  • Make sure you're DNS is setup correctly.

  • sullrich (btw I love your you little picture guy)

    I've tried several DNSs and each time I have had the same thing going on.

    The only thing I'm not sure what should be set is the –---
    Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN

    but I've tried it checked and unchecked and still nothing.

    any other ideas?

  • what type of WAN connection do you have?

    can you private message me with your status.php?