IMspector issues with logging

  • Been using pfSense now since the beginning and I must say, awesome product!

    Trying to use this IMspector package with hair-pulling issues. Read thru every article on the forum with the word IMspector in it and I still have no idea what im doing wrong. Running the 1.2-BETA-1-PRERELEASE-SNAPSHOT-04-23-07 release and using IMspector version 0.3

    I check the state tables and it shows traffic being routed thru the proxy, but the logs page never updates. I am not familiar with mySQL and I'd like to just have the logs show up under the page inside pfSense but I might also be doing something wrong…

    Running imspector -d shows that it is loading up and that traffic is being routed correctly but the log page never updates! Am i doing something wrong? Is there a any better information out there to help with this package? Ive dug around but they are kinda vauge about support for specific cases.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • The logging page works with the file logging only. If you use mysql logging you will need to create your own log viewer.

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