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    Trying to design a solution for rural areas where no broadband internet is available, Solution is for Voice/Video traffic i.e Skype/Bloackboard Collaborate and simple load balancing cannot work, so i decided to planning to make multiple VPN tunnels and route all traffic to some location with Healthy Internet connectivity.  I am not an expert but trying to learn by doing it.

    Your expert opinion is requried.

    OpenVPN or PPTP ? security is not a concern, Bandwidth is the issue. Multiple VPN Tunnels
    Load Balancing of Multiple VPN tunnels on PFSENSE ? Possible ?
    Server machine ? PFSENSE or something else ?

    Pls Help
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  • could you explain what the advantage would be to route multiple VPN's to a different location with good internet connection ?

    the VPN itself would create a considerable overhead, why is 'simple load balancing' not working ?

  • just do GRE or gif if you don't want any encryption. ECMP isn't supported, but you can at least do per-session balancing like that, or with OpenVPN.

  • Heper; end goal of this bandwidth aggregation is to provide internet connectivity to one particular software which wouldn't accept sessions from multiple peers for one connection.

    @cmb I am trying to configure OpenVPN but unable to figure out how to use more than one WAN connections for vpn connectivity.

  • I've also been looking into this, but the confusion marketing on net takes a long time to find useful straightforward information.

    Locally in Thailand I have a number of public wifi hotspots (pay as you go), so I've setup my spare laptop with pfsense. It works fine for load balancing if I'm uploading in separate applications. Problem comes when I want to use the bandwidth for one application that doesn't support multiple routes/connections. Also it's hard to get any decent upload bandwidth here without paying a king's ransom, which is why I started looking into this in the first place.

    So something like this :-

    Hotspot 1 –-> laptop USB ---> WAN1 (pfsense VM)
    Hotspot 2 ---> laptop PMCIA ---> WAN2 (pfsense VM)                    -----> internet
    Hotspot 3 ---> POE station adapter wired ---> WAN2 (pfsense VM)

    With public hotspots my traffic is often on open air, and I have a little understanding of just how unsecure this is, which is very not good !

    Solution from what I've read is to setup a VPN, multiple tunnels, but what VPN provider. I could use a VPN provider, assuming they will allow multiple connections - easiest solution.

    Or I could use a VPS service with pfsesne -- pfsense connection. More complex solution

    I'm not sending government top secret info, so don't need highest level of encryption, just something that fairly hard to crack and put off most attempts, so L2TP or PPTP would be OK I assume. Also I want to use my unjailbroken iphone so doesn't make sense to use openvpn.

    Also, to add another factor into the equation, I could use VPN in the OS on any of the machines that I connect with, which actually would be even simpler than setting up pfsense for VPN.

    Simplicity is better in my experience, make it too complicated and it's hard to maintain and difficult to maintain and operate.

    Any ideas ?

    Kind regards