Multiple DynDNS accounts

  • Hi,

    first, great job, everything works as described, PPTP/IPSec…
    but my question is how to add multiple DynDNS records to pfsense ?



  • This is not supported currently. We only allow one DynDNS on the real WAN.

  • Multiple DynDNS records/accounts like IPCop would be great.

  • Don't bother…..

    Just use the pFSense for one DynDNS.....

    And install the DynDns-client on one of your servers (you must be having at least one, that why you are using DynDNS) - and feed it all you other DynDNS IP's.... It will detect the WAN IP just fine, even when you consider that it's running on PC on your internal network.

    For for me for month now.

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