Hung at Starting OpenNTP time client…

  • Updated to today's snapshot (presumably the 20120412-2231 from yesterday, but I upgraded to "latest" from within pfSense GUI and didn't write it down).
    Now hangs at "Starting OpenNTP time client…" during boot process.
    Was working fine with a snapshot from a few days ago (yes, I know, that's vague, sorry).
    Hmm... if I unplug the WAN, it boots eventually (DNS failure).  This suggests that it might someday finish if I let it sit long enough - but I figured an hour was plenty!


  • @athompso:

    Now hangs at "Starting OpenNTP time client…" during boot process.

    It is not clear to me if that means the system is stalled IN OpenNTP time client or that was just the last one reporting.

    Next time it happens if you are at the console you could type CTRL-T (hold down the CTRL key and tap the T key) a few times a few seconds apart and see what is reported. (It should show the current process and some system statistics.) This should narrow down what is going on or what is stalled

  • it is stuck in starting openntp on some recent snapshots. the newest ones that are up fixes that.

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