• Hi,

    I have been running pfsense sins 1.1 always in a dual wan mode. Well today I got my third wan connection but I have a problem I only have 3 network cards whit no possibility to add another one. So first thought router on a stick but there seems to be an issue in my environment whit that as well, so thats off the table. So I added the 3th gateway in the subnet for second gateway.

    My Network (the subnet above the switch should be 192.168.2.x/24)
    See upload 1

    I added the gateway
    See upload 2

    I added the gateway to my loadbalancer pool
    See upload 3

    My problem is upload 4.

    Only the gateway that is selected on interface WAN is used. My question is this a limitation of pfsense or is this not my problem? Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.

  • Two gateways on one interface causes numerous complications that aren't easy to work around. A VLAN-capable switch and having the other modem off a VLAN is far, far easier to deal with.

  • Thanks for your response. There seems to be something interferring whit vlan's on my network. I dicided that i am going to upgrade one of my network cards to an intel quad cards they are on the market for 40-80 euro.

    Perhaps change System: Gateways page to reflect this when attempting to add two gateways to the same interface.

    Thanks for the support