Config of Cisco 800 adsl Router and pfsense machine

  • Hi

    I'm a bit confused with how I should set up the pfsense machine to talk to this cisco router
    there is also more complexity  in that the router is currently connected to a pix firewall -

    Some background
    The pfsense box has 2 ethernet interfaces - I know they both work as I have useed this device in the past to do various experiments

    The cisco has an adsl interface and connects via ethernet to the pix box (this is our company's current internet connection that works ok - only the pix is getting rather old!)

    From what I can gleen from the cisco config files things are set up in the following way

    Anyway Via my cisco config I can see
    dialer is aal5myx ppp dialer

    Encapsulation is ppp
    ppp chap hostname
    ppp chap password ********

    What should I be using on the pfsense side of things to get pfsense to effectively put the cisco into bridge mode?

    Should I be using ppp or ppoe to get the pfsens box to talk to the cisco
    Is the cisco 800 and pfsense compatible or should I find a basic adsl modem that I can put into bridge mode and replace the cisco router?

    Thanks for your help