Network interface mismatch – Running interface assignment option

  • pfSense scared me to death yesterday. :D

    I had to shut the router temporarily, and upon bootup, instead of victorious bleeping sounds, a message was printed to console:```
    Network interface mismatch -- Running interface assignment option

    Then searched on forums and all I found was several topics about old beta/RC versions and unsupported configurations. But I use the stable version 2.0.1 and didn't configured anything “unsupported” — the system was working fine prior to reboot. It looked like I had to reconfigure the whole system from scratch, as no clue was given about that the system didn't like: _/var/log/dmesg.boot_ was already finished, yet other logs (circular) were not started yet, and the console messages weren't verbose.
    Ultimately, I was able to track the problem down to _/etc/inc/util.inc_ which has _is_interface_mismatch()_ function with such clause:```
    if (preg_match("/^enc|^cua|^tun|^l2tp|^pptp|^ppp|^ovpn|^gif|^gre|^lagg|^bridge|vlan|_wlan/i", $ifcfg['if'])) {
        // Do not check these interfaces.
    ```It apparently lacks “^tap” alternative — for “bridged” OpenVPN tunnels, along with “routed” (“tun” type) interfaces.
    I also recommend to make the next clause:```
    else if (does_interface_exist($ifcfg['if']) == false) {
        $do_assign = true;
    ```slightly more helpful by adding verbosity:```
        echo "Warning: Interface '${ifcfg['if']}' does not exist.\n";

  • Sounds good. Can you submit patches?

    We also use stf for IPv6 which doesn't always exist either. You can not assign that manually though, it's only configured on top of another connection.

  • @databeestje:

    Can you submit patches?

    No. Collaborative software development always seemed like rocket-science to me. If someone else figures out how to integrate this into mainline, it would be nice.