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    I have successfully load balanced 4x Verizon PANTECH UML290s with pfsense.  I have had it working with 4g in a different area using: those settings.  The dial code in the example is 99**3# for 4g.

    Now here is when something weird comes in.  I initially setup 3x of these same modems in a 3g area using the same settings that I had used for 4g.  It seemed to work all right and I was having problems but at least they connected.

    I went to go setup the same thing in another building and ran into issues.  In the end I had to use two different PANTECH utilities to get the modems working at this other building.  One of the major issues that I was having with the modems was that they where not accepting the 4g dial command or 3g dial command.  The tools are "UML290 VPN Connection Issues" ( which is a util that sets the card to LAN mode and the other is "UML290PMTool_v1.0.0.2" ( which allows you to edit some network settings of the device.  You can force it into a 3g mode which must make it accept #777 as a dial command.

    I have a feeling that I have two cell towers around here that put the modems into different modes.  The only problem is that I get a signal type of 3G RevAe in every test senerio so I cannot understand why the 4g dial commands would work (on another tower?) on a 3g network somewhere then 1000 feet away not work there(where the other building is).  What do you think it is that is causing some of the modems to work with some dial numbers and others not?

    I did, in the end, setup two triband repeaters that repeat CDMA, GSM, and 4g(no 4g here though).  What a bitch.  I have no equipment to point the directional doner signal antenna and it was all guess work.  I did end up getting them to work great.  Can someone recommend something that would allow me to sense the directions and types of cell antennas around me?

    Cell networks change in different areas and data cards that work one way (with pfsense) in one place do not work the same way in another place.  Who knows why?  Where do I get good equipment that will allow me to sense the direction of a cell antenna.



  • Sorry to revive an old thread.  I'm wondering why you load balanced 4x 4G 290s?  I have 1 290, and a single user can pull 20/8Mb.  However, when connected to pfSense, multiple users have significant latency (although a single user routed through pfsense can still attain full speed).  Is there some kind of delay inherent in a 4G connection when number of states run higher than a single user?

  • I am in a 3g area.  You may want to try tuning pfsense to work better with your load balanced connections.  Sticky connections  on/off.  Firewall Optimization Options.

    I also do not monitor my gateways to check if the modem is up.  On one setup I did some QOS too.

    I would also think about your DNS and which interface and server the router is using.

    However, when connected to pfSense, multiple users have significant latency?  Do you mean putting more then one person on one modem makes it slower?


  • See my notes here for updated info on working with the UML290:,56696.0.html

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