Squidguard problems on some websites with multiple slashes

  • installed:
        pfsense 2.0.1 (vm 2 nics bridged)
        lusca r14850
        squidguard Beta 1.4_2 pkg v.1.9 platform: 1.1

    i have found a solution and i have edited the files below but did not work well:
        $conf[] = REDIRECT_BYPASS_OPT . " off";
        $conf[] = REDIRECT_CHILDREN_OPT . " 10;";

    squidguard logs:
    Warning: Possible bypass attempt. Found multiple slashes where only one is expected.
    on facebook when starting tetris it cannot go in to the game.

    is there a way i can disable the detection of multiple slashes on squidguard so i can pass through with some sites that has multiple slashes on them thanks….

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