Full Install of pfSense-1.2-BETA-1

  • I grabbed 1.2 beta-1 after running the live cd of 1.0.1 and everything worked fine on the live CD side of thnigs, but when I went to install it onto the hard disk I got an error during creating mount points. I've attached the install log (the send e-mail feature is very cool!).  I retried to no avail and then skipped. It booted up just fine, should I be worried? ( ;)) I'm going to keep going with configuring it and see what happens, but just wanted to let someone know!

    Dell Poweredge 350
    Celeron 1ghz
    512 mb ECC Ram
    2X40gb ATA100 Seagate Barracuda Drives
    Built in 2 x Intel 100mbps NIC's

  • Strange.  Not sure why it is copying /dev.  Either way you should be ok.

  • Thanks sir!

    My next issue, (correct me if you'd like this to go somewhere else)
    I had 1.0.1 working fine with one of my static addresses on live cd, same with 1.2 now I can't get either to work, or the installed 1.2 on the hard drive… I have cable that will give me a DHCP address if I let it, and all works fine with that (throughput is good etc) but as soon as I set up my static it craps out on me. I am running development of this firewall in conjunction with my working IPcop box, and it is fine off static IP. I have 5 addresses, and left only 3 on IPcop and set the other two in PF, one as the WAN and one as a VIP... Any  suggestions?


  • Check that I booted the PF box up this morning and all is working (if you're an administrator you can see this post is being made through that box's ip vs my others through my other ip)…  ??? It's confusing the crap out of me... but I'll keep going on the config and do a few more re-boots and see if it continues to work.. !

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