Servers behind the firewall

  • I have installed pfSense firewall. Network structure as shown in picture. Servers are behind the firewall. Could you please help me to configure (port forwarding) the firewall to active the web server and the mailserver.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  • I would have the webserver and email server on a seperate subnet and create a DMZ so if your servers get hacked they cant get onto your computers on your LAN.

    goto NAT and create an inbound rule for each required port to your servers

    WAN TCP * * WAN address 25 (SMTP)  IP Of Email Server 25 (SMTP)
    WAN TCP * * WAN address 110 (POP3)   IP Of Email Server 110 (POP3)
    WAN TCP * * WAN address 443 (HTTPS) IP Of Email Server 443 (HTTPS)

    WAN TCP * * WAN address 80 (HTTP)  IP Of Web Server 80 (HTTP)

    Once done you will need to create some firewall rules between your LAN and DMZ and then from the DMZ to the LAN

    Are you having two WAN connections due to the different WAN IPs?

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