Squidguard not working

  • Hi all,

    Got an issue over here.

    It al began with a non working facebook.com page. I got white pages most of the times. Before and sometimes after logging in on facebook.
    For everybody in the network over here.

    So, I started looking into this, and traced back to some actions I did..

    A few weeks back I installed DansGuardian, but after a few days, thought this may not be good enough yet (and time to learn the package is short), so back to squidguard.
    No problems there.
    Suddenly the facebook issue arose.

    Did some tcpdump on WAN and LAN interface, together with wireshark on a client.
    I figured out I received a 500 http status from facebook. Although, this was not really clear, if it was really from facebook or not.

    But I will leave the facebook issue out for here now, as a question (unless someone knows a direction or answer ;-) )

    Deinstalled lightsquid, squidguard and squid.
    Installed squid-reverse, squidguard and lightsquid. (Facebook still didn't work), so again, due to time limits to dive into the new packages, I went back to the old packages, by
    deleting lightsquid, squidguard and squid-reverse, and rebooted to go back to:
    squid, squidguard and lightsquid.
    But.. since I installed squid-reverse , squidguard doesn't work anymore.
    The filter log states it installed the blacklist, the status remains as 'stopped'. No matter if I save, apply, install the blacklist again.

    18.04.2012 21:02:21	squidGuard stopped (1334775741.970)
    18.04.2012 21:02:21	db update done
    18.04.2012 21:02:21	squidGuard 1.4 started (1334775682.175)
    13.04.2012 21:46:58	squidGuard stopped (1334346418.396)
    13.04.2012 21:46:58	db update done
    13.04.2012 21:46:58	squidGuard 1.4 started (1334346351.456)
    13.04.2012 21:31:30	squidGuard stopped (1334345490.749)
    13.04.2012 21:31:30	db update done
    13.04.2012 21:31:30	squidGuard 1.4 started (1334345416.588)

    Does anyone have an idea where to look for or what to do?

    Many thanks in advance!!

  • please uninstall all squid, squidguard and ligthtsquid packages.
    the go to the shell (SSH) and type


    If there are any versions of squid lefest (2.7 or 3.1) please uninstall the with:

    pkg_delete -r package_name

    The problem could be that squid-reverse is using squid3. squidguard is forcing squid2. if you install in this order thiw will conflict.
    better way would be to install squidguard first and after that squid3.

    install squid2
    install squidguard
    uninstall squid2
    install squid3

    so but first make sure you are not having any squid packages left on the system before new package installation

  • Thanks!
    That worked perfectly!

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