How to troubleshoot dansguardian

  • Hi,

    I just installed dansguardian, and spent my entire day trying to troubleshoot it without luck.

    Dansguardian is binded to my eth0, and with squid binded at .

    The browsers with proxy pointed at, the http requests just hang, and eventually show The connection was
    reset error.

    I installed lynx (text browser) on the pfsense box itself, and set http_proxy to the dansguardian and it hangs.

    When the http_proxy is set to squid, my web requests go through.

    What can I be possibly doing wrong?

    /var/log/dansguardian/access_log is empty

    and if I telnet to port 8080 and type in manually GET HTTP/1.1
    I get no output.

    Thanks in advanced for any suggestions.

  • try to run dansguardian on console to see if it returns a config error

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