VIP on pfsense squid

  • Hello everyone,

    I have 2 pfsense installed with 3 interfaces, and CARP configured on both of them to have a master and a slave, everything is perfectly working so far.
    Now I'd like to install and configure squid3's package to have them working as a cluster with failover. Now my master sync his settings to the slave and it's working. When I configure the proxy address of a client with the address of the master it's working, with the VIP it's also working, not with the address of the slave but I guess this is because his interfaces are down as long as the master lives !

    But then when I shutdown the master, my client can reach internet throught the address of the slave, but not with the VIP even if the VIP can be reach by a ping…

    I found on the forum 2 solutions,

    one was to add "http_port virutal_address:port" on the setting box, but it didn't work

    and the other one was to create a NAT rule forwarding from VIP to, and it also didn't work.

    Do you know how I could fix this ? :)

    Thank your for your help !

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