2.0-RELEASE serial console problem

  • I'm testing pfsense 64bit 2.0-RELEASE with serial console in VMWare workstation 8,
    I found when serial terminal enabled and Console menu(password protection) enabled, after login in, it shows menu but jump to login
    prompt immediately without waiting my input from serial console. But enable serial terminal only just works fine.

    Is anybody meet the same problem?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    So you enter the password, the menu comes up, and then it immediately goes back to the login prompt?

    normally if you are at the menu and you press enter (no input) it will logout, so what you are seeing may be normal if you didn't press a numerical option at the menu.

  • Jimp, I know your explanation.
    The problem is that read command in rc.initial file doesn't get block to wait for input, it returns immediately reads nothing, which resulting jump to login prompt when both serial terminal & console menu are enabled.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If that were the case the menu wouldn't work at all. It always waits at the prompt. I just set the console protection on my ALIX and it works fine. I enter the username, the password, and get the menu. It waits for input, and it's fully functional.

    Only if I press enter again at the menu do I get sent back to a login prompt.

  • OK, I see. May be it's the problem with vmware serial, I'll try it on read hardware later to find out.
    Will feedback after testing.

  • Feedback.

    I use vmware serial + named pipe proxy to test pfsense serial support.

    The problem I met is that telnet client in windows automatically send newline character resulting `read' command feeds nothing, so is the Putty client.

    Finally by turning off 'return key send telnet new line instead of ^M' option in putty, it solved my problem. Hope this will help others meet the same problem.

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