Possible new build, advice needed

  • Hi all, newbie here.

    Im trying to put together a new build to run pfSense at home. Im fairly sure ill purchase these parts:

    CPU: Intel G620
    Mobo: Intel S1200KP
    PSU: Possibly Pico PSU
    Case: Antek ISK300-150 (Might use the psu in this to keep the cost down)

    I need this to be as cheap as possible but making sure i get what i need, and it needs to be small, something larger than the case above would probably be too big.

    Most importantly, ive just signed up for a 100/20 fibre connection. I need to make sure this build will support the required throughput and this is where my knowledge falls over. Can anyone tell me if the above hardware will support what I need?


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    Easily. That hardware will get close to 1Gbps without a sweat.
    Search the forum there are some benchmarks for that motherboard I think with a slightly slower CPU.


  • oh wow ok! like i said, this is where my knowledge is way off. In that case, I will pull the trigger on that as its relatively good value, seems to not make much sense to go for an atom board or something like that, and I like the duals nics on board.

    Secondly then, can you or anyone recommend a good case to house this all meeting my requirements?

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    Here was what I remembered:
    Slightly different MB and slower CPU.

    The only reason you might want an atom is for completely passive cooling. The maximum heat output from an Atom is far lower than a Sandy Bridge CPU but the average is often similar.


  • well it would be nice to be completely fanless, but ive heard that the stock fan is actually pretty quiet, and if its still too loud, i can always change the fan for something else possibly

  • another newbie question regarding bandwidth.

    lets say i manage to get the full speed on my 100/20 service, and lets say a certain pfsense build can handle for example 500Mbps bandwidth.

    If i was maxing out my downstream and maxing out my upstream, would there therefore be 380Mbps "left" that the pfsense box could handle? In other words, when looking at bandwidth requirements, should i add up the total up and downstream figures and compare that total against the maximum that a certain build/installation of pfsense can handle?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, although in practice you usually get a discrpency. I.e. 200Mbps d/l is not equal to 100Mps u/l and 100Mbps d/l in cpu terms. There is more overhead running duplex. E.g.:

    You need to consider that you may want/need the remaining cpu cycles for VPNs, Squid, Snort etc.


  • thats fine, so even if i managed to get on the trial for the 300/20 service, a build such as the one above would be more than enough for my main bandwidth, plus additional services for the foreseeable future?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes. There's plenty of scope for a CPU swap at a later date as well.


  • Just an update, I ordered this kit yesterday, went for the isk 300-65 in the end so it's silent and should serve my needs for power. I'm sure once the kit arrives I will be needing lots more help!

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