IPsec tunnel not being initiated from remote network

  • I have pfSense 2.0.1 installed with a VPN tunnel configured to a remote site of ours running a Cisco VPN appliance.  The VPN tunnel works, no errors on either end and traffic flows fine in both directions.  However, after a few minutes being idle the tunnel goes down and will only come back up from my end.  If the remote (Cisco) end tries to bring up the tunnel, it will not come back up.

    Does anyone have things I can try?

  • An output of the log files from both ends when the problem persists might be helpful in troubleshooting. Is it possible to paste them here?

  • Not uncommon with Cisco, it's relatively easy to configure them in such a way that they use a different policy when initiating than what they accept as a responder. Setting the phase 1 proposal checking to "obey" on the pfSense side generally will work around it, or alternatively fix the Cisco.

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