Successful Install on Citrix NetScaler 7000

  • I bought a NetScaler 7000 off ebay for $30 figuring i could just resell it for more since others were going for a few hundred. But i decided to mess around with it, and sure enough it runs PFSense 2.01

    Steps(more simple than I was expecting)

    1. Opened NS(NetScaler)
    2. Hooked up a notebook sata drive to my machine, booted from Live CD (2.01)
    3. Easy Install, accepted all defaults except chose embedded kernel
    4. After install was done, took the drive and plugged it into the NS
    5. Used the console cable that came with the NS and plugged it into the NS and my Com port
    6. Opened Putty, new connection: BPS: 9600 / Data bits: 8 / Parity: None / Stop : 1 / Flow control: None
    7. Turned on FB and it immediately started booting FreeBSD
    8. Couldn't mount drive(since installed on different machine), so it asks what you want to mount enter: ufs:ad2s1a
    9. Boots up into pfSense just fine!
    10. Get into the web interface, "Diagnostics", "Edit File"
    11. Load "/etc/fstab"
    12. Change the old drive information to the correct one(ad2s1a & ad2s1b).
    13. Save. Reboot.

    Here are the hardware specs if anyone is interested:
    P4 2.8 Ghz
    1024MB PC2133
    Intel Chipset
    8x 10/100/1000 Intel Nics
    1x Open standard PCI Slot
    2x CF card slot
    Standard IDE connector

  • Awesome score.  I don't know HOW you got a NetScaler 7000 for $30!!!

  • Netgate Administrator

    8 Intel Gigabit NICs, $30.  :o