Show login prompt when bootup finished

  • Hi all
    Is there any way to show username/password prompt before console setup options?
    If  login was successful, then these options appear:

    pfSense console setup 
     0)  Logout (SSH only)
     1)  Assign Interfaces
     2)  Set LAN IP address
     3)  Reset webConfigurator password
     4)  Reset to factory defaults
     5)  Reboot system
     6)  Halt system
     7)  Ping host
     8)  Shell
     9)  PFtop
    10)  Filter Logs
    11)  Restart webConfigurator
    12)  pfSense Developer Shell
    13)  Upgrade from console
    14)  Disable Secure Shell (sshd)

  • Hi  amirkabir,

    I realize this procedure via web console.

    After logged on, click in System -> Advanced

    In Admin Access tab, scroll to the Console Options.
    Check it the box and reboot your pfSense

    By default, the username and password:
    Username: root
    Password: pfsense

    For security, change your password.
    Select 8 menu
    command: passwd

    Just this!! :D


  • Thank you very much mamoraes!

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