Is it possible to virtualize Multi ISP ?

  • Hi everyone,

    First i'm sorry for my bad english i'm just a student and i'm not really confortable with english yet…

    So let's explain my questions !

    Context :

    I have the project to set up a powerful network for an IT school, as u know student love's to surf on the internet, so i would have a very strenght bandswitch on my http port 80.

    To do this i have the project to setup 1 cluster pfsense with 4 ADSL connexion and 2 SDSL connexion.

    The goal is to redirect all the http traffic on the 4 ADSL router who are load balanced, by realizing 2 gateways groups on each pfsense.

    This picture can better explain what i'm trying to realize :

    So i'm trying to virtualize this at home but the problem, is i have only one ISP so one real gateway.
    i tried every tutorial i can , but i get some problems with my gateway groups by trying to virtualize 2 wan interface( it's works fine with one.)

    I think the probleme come from the 2 WAN interface are passing by the same physical gateway (because i've got only 1 ISP connection)

    My questions are :

    Is it possible to simulate many ISP ? by wmware or gns3 to get 4 real gateway to put in my gateway groups ?
    Or do i have to nat 4 address to simulate ISP address ? and how to do it ?

    I'm sorry if i'm not very clear, i could send picture of my pfsense configuration if you want.

    Thanks a lot for your help !

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