Traffic Shaping for AppleTV/Xbox + bit torrent

  • I am considering moving to pfSense for my primary firewall/router, one of the reasons for the switch would be to get some QoS into my network, ideally I would like to have:

    • BitTorrent only get bandwidth after everything else
    • Most things get a default priority
    • Netflix/Amazon streaming get priority
    • As a last resort it would be nice to also be able to specify IPs/MAC addresses to get priority (in which case I could specify the AppleTV and Xbox as high priority)
    • Put an overall limit on upstream like 9.5 Mbps (I know this one is doable from what I've read)

    Before I move ahead I'm trying to figure out how much of this would be doable, how easily, etc. I haven't seen many screenshots of the various QoS pieces in pfSense even though I know it is mainly configured through the Web UI. I'm also looking into purchasing the pfSense book, but again, I thought I'd do some basic checking first to be sure it will meet my needs.


  • There is a nice Traffic Shaping Wizard that will do exactly what you want. Then you can fine tweak it afterwards. The book is probably the best source of info for Traffic Shaping.

    There is blog on my web site that has info for gaming, it was tested with a PS3 but would work for xbox too. pfSense is a little more secure and it's NAT type is Strict, so it needs a few tweeks.

  • I wrote a detailed blog post on a setup just like this…

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • I have yet to get PRIQ shaping to work even after following the Hammerweb guide  I really wish there was a solid how-to available.

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