Multiple WiFi Connections as Multi Wans Questions

  • First, I'm going to be out in the boonies where cable, dsl, etc. is Not available. But 3G is and I have 3G on my phone and tablet with software that makes them WiFi access points (FoxFi).

    I want to setup a pfsense box to connect to both those access points simultaneously (for fault tolerance and better speeds) and because the 3g looses connectivity on my phone when I get a call.

    I also want the PFsense box to be my wifi AP.

    So I would be looking at having 3 USB WiFi adapters connected. I've found some high power cheap ones that it appears is compatible with pfsense 2.0. They are the Ralink RT3070 on ebay.

    My questions are:
    1)Does anyone have good or bad experience with these adapters?
    2)Is there any problem connecting pfsense to a phone's wifi AP?
    3)Are there any known issues when using several identical usb wifi adapters in one pfsense box?
    4)If I turn off the WiFi connection on my phone, and a few hours later turn it back on, will pfsense automatically reconnect to it?
    5)Anything else I should be aware of in view of the selected hardware or pfsense configuration?

    I appreciate your help; I really would like to plan this out before I spend any money on the adapters ;)


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