XML not found

  • Ive tried without success, to install PFsense onto my 256MB compact-flash drive. AMD K6-II, 384MB ram. I move the compact flash card to a P3 computer to install from CD onto the hard drive. Installs fine, after it initially installs and reboots, I remove the CF card from the P3, and into the K6. This is where the problems start. No, the CF card is not old and bad. Its fairly new, and has only been used a few times in a handheld PC. I beleive im using Pfsense version 1.01

    Freebsd and Pfsense Booted fine, asked me what NICs I wanted to use for my LAN, WAN. DC0 for LAN, RL1 for WAN… I then restarted it, when it started to reboot and reload, it made it to the initial PFsense loading screen, and could not find the XML configuration file.

    This is about the 4th time now, possibly 5th, that ive reformatted and reinstalled. Sometimes the XML file error only happens after I reboot several times, sometimes it happens immediantly.

    Any ideas?

  • Please reinstall using the latest 1.2beta1. Countless bugs have been fixed.

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