Multiple IP ranges into one VLAN

  • Dear,

    How can i route multiple vlans (3x /29 and 2x /28) into one vlan?
    Right now, i've created a vlan (id20) with one /29 iprange from my ISP.  But i want to use the others too (all servers will be in the same vlan).

    My ISP gives me one static IP (via PPPoE, vdsl2), and some extra ip ranges that i have to route myself as "next hop" ip's.  I'm using a HP2626 switch, where port 1 & 2 are my uplinks, port 25 is the uplink for a 24 ports gigabit switch (unmanaged) and port 26 is the pfsense router.  I already have 2 vlans that work great (id 11 for uplink one between port 1 & 26 and id 12 for uplink two between port 2 and 26).  Now i've created a third vlan (vlan 20) between port 9 and port 26 for a little test.  which went well!  So i can now reach one of the extra ip's perfectly (  Now i want to route the other ipranges also to port 9, where i can set up another switch so that my servers are reachable (3 pieces) and i can use the ip's on all the servers.

    The IP range i've got:

  • Yes. Assuming they're being routed to you, you can just assign them on the internal NIC.

  • Could you please specify how i have to do this?

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