Failover and icmp

  • Sorry, only a short and maybe dumb question:
    It set up a loadbalancing system (latest 1.2beta-1 snapshot) with loadbalancing and failover pools. I used the "old style config" because my wan is a pppoe connection.
    Everything works great (I would like to thank you again, it runs really nice), the only "issue" I had see is that icmp seems to be "too stateful".
    I have created a rule for icmp with a failover pool.
    When I ping a host and a link breaks down, i am able to ping every other host, but not that host I have pinged before the first link breaks down (tested for some minutes).
    I hope I could explain what I mean and possibly this is a XP or the ICMP design issue. I only intereted in this.


  • Failover doesn't close existing states. Since you have a state out the failed connection, it continues to fail, and because the traffic is continuous from your machine, the state never gets closed.

    It may be possible to create pass rules for ICMP and change some of the state options to remedy this. Like try lowering the state timeout for ICMP.

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