Big size hdd! cant install?

  • Hello! I choose 99 option (install to a hdd) .. something writes there (i cant read - too fast) and that`s all. not working. i have 40Gb hdd .. how it fix or something. plz helpo. cant install pfsense.

  • Use an ISO from which should abort rebooting if it doesn't install.

    Without knowing what its saying we are pissing in the dark.  No offense but there is nothing we can do unless we have a lot more info other than "it don't work."

  • i hope it will help (i use video camera for read this fast text :) )

    99 option .. ENTER:

    Launching pfSense Installer…

    One moment please...

    No matching processes were found
    kern.geon.debugflags: 16 -> 16
    ln: /var/run/dmesg.boot: File exists
    Launching LUA Installer...
    Launching Installer MCurses frontend...
    /scripts/lua_installer: /usr/local/sbin/dfuife_curses: not found
    Installation did not finish correctly.


    256 Mb RAM, 40Gb HDD

  • Can you paste the content of /tmp/installer.log after it has failed? You can copy paste the file from the webgui with diagnostic>edit and load that file there.

  • File not found /tmp/installer.log

  • in BETA1 all working fine! i can install to a hdd.

    in beta2 i can`t!

  • Okay thanks, I pulled the bug evaulation edition for beta 2.  Will try to get something new up soon.