Lan to same wan connection probs

  • Hello guys,

    Does someone know if it is possible to connect from lan to wan adress..

    wan connection              pfsense              lan / nat                   
    x.x.x.x. –---------------multiple ip---------188.x.x.18 -- A
                                                      -------188.x.x.19 --- B

    let me explain:
    from the outside i can reach server A on the .18 and server B on the .19. all functional with virtual IP.
    And on the inside they can reach each other by and 11, but is it possible to connect from server A to B by wan ip address?
    If i do a ping, all is ok, but no HTTP?


  • Firewall: NAT: Port Forward

    correct me if im wrong but isnt this what the dropdown
    NAT reflection: Enabled
    allows  :)

  • Agreed !! Enable Nat reflection! It's on by default. It's under advanced settings, then the Firewall / Nat tab

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