Soekris Net6501-70 squid for 50 users?

  • I need to upgrade mu current squid server running gentoo, but I want to use pfsense for this, we have 50 users, the net6501-70 1.6Ghz 2GB RAM can have a solid state drive, it suppose to be faster than a Sata I was thinking that maybe with this I can have a faster squid server.

    The services I will enable are: squid, dhcp, openvpn with 3 Site2Site.

    I have read here some post but I still have my doubts?

    1. I can have a full installation? because I want to use cache stuff, nano won't let me do this, well by default is disable, user that have this box, do have something similar to my setup and have great results?

    The main goal is squid with 50 users with a SSD 16GB.

    This box is good for me?


  • I have a full install on my 6501 (1Ghz, not 1.6Ghz) at home and Squid works fine.  The SSD I'm using is the 20GB Intel 311 (SLC) mSATA.

  • I am using the 1.6ghz atom with Jason's recommended SSD for a few months now (full install).  I am not caching anything (set cache size to 0) but am using Squid and Squidguard for filtering purposes.

    1 openvpn site to site

    I have tested layer 7 filtering, (many, many rules) and it owned the processor, but I haven't enabled HyperThreading yet to test (been lazy on the bios upgrade).  With layer 7 turned off, the processor sleeps always.

    I would say that there are 30 active users and cumulatively 100 network devices behind the soekris.

  • Thanks guys for your input, I will try this machine for the company network, thanks!!!

  • Ooo one more thing.  The aluminum block on the processor could cool better.  Another Jason Litka recommendation:

    I think you get 8 of them in one kit.  Both Jason and I put 4 on top of the aluminum block to dissipate heat.


    Thanks guys for your input, I will try this machine for the company network, thanks!!!

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