Gandi DHCP update utility

  • As many customers know, Gandi does not support standard dynamic DNS updates (Gandi is a domain registrar in France).  However, they do have a very powerful XML RPC interface that provides a superset of the functionality (see  However, there is no application that I could find that implements this API.  So I wrote a command line application that implements most of it.  In Perl.  Ooops.  I would like to publish it under the GPL v3, to hopefully assist as many people as possible.  However, while it works fine on my test system - tested against both Gandi's OTE and production systems - it relies on the Perl5 interpreter.  This may be my second PERL program in 20 years, since I write mainly in C and assembly, so it's not pretty.  And I have not written any code in PHP (I didn't even know you could use it outside of web scripting until pfSense).

    So I now have 2 problems: (1) converting from Perl to PHP and (2) hooking it to pfSense's WAN DHCP client update mechanism.

    I'd like to post the code here to distribute it (it's a little over 1K lines), and take all comments and advice about porting it to PHP, upgrading it, or makinng it more suitable for pfSense.  The other option, of course, is to install the Perl5 package on my pfSense box.  But I view this as a last resort.



  • I posted the code here:


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