Logs kernel: vr0: rx packet lost

  • I'm getting this in logs allot..

    kernel: vr0: rx packet lost

    last message repeated 62 times

    Do I have bad hardware? I also saw this error at my house during testing. I use wireless at home so I thought it was just a random drop when I saw it in testing. But now that I have pfsense installed at colo I'm getting this error again. pfsense is only doing about 1-2mbs in traffic I should not have packets getting lost yet? CPU use is 20% and Memory is fine too.

    What should I trouble shoot next? Should I move off vr0 and try another port see if that helps?

  • Sounds like some hardware problems. Not sure if it is related but try the following option at system>advanced (very bottom):

    Hardware Checksum Offloading
    Disable Hardware Checksum Offloading Checking this option will prevent hardware checksum offloading. FreeBSD sometimes has difficulties with certain drivers.

    Do you also see errors at status>interfaces?

  • LAN interface (vr0) 
    Status up 
    In/out packets 13038325/13226197 (3.57 GB/188.32 MB) 
    In/out errors 2513/0

    State table size 2410/10000

    I will Disable Hardware Checksum Offloading. But from watching startup it's not on for these two onboard ports.

    My hardware
    VIA EPIA EK10000 2 onboardnics as WAN and LAN

    Unused 4LAN PCI card National Semiconductor DP83816 ethernet controller chips

  • Not sure these nics even support it. Checking cables and switch might be a good idea as well.

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