How to redirect a online game to my 1st ISP

  • good day

    i need some help

    my pfsense setup is

    wan for browsing
    opt1 for online games

    yesterday i installed STEAM for my dota2…then i notice my opt1 graph got a higher in, around 1mb which is my games ISP, how can i redirect steam to my wan (browsing ISP) so that my online games will not suffer

    thanks in advance

  • You need to find server ip or machine ip or game ports and create a rule on LAN forcing a specific gateway or failover

  • example sir

    i want to redirect yahoo messenger to WAN..coz YM are taking too much bandwidth in my OPT1 which is my online games ISP

    yahoo messenger voice chat port = TCP 5000-5001 UDP 5000 - 5010
    yahoo messenger message port = TCP 5050
    yahoo messenger webcam port = TCP 5100


    interface =
    protocol =
    source =
    destination =
    gateway =

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