Multiple Subnet problems

  • Hi all,

    I install PFsense for web filtering,with squid,and squidgard everything is Ok ,but this just for LAN.

    in my case i have a lot of subnet,you can take a look on this attached picture.

    When i configured a PC in Pfsnense LAN as bellow:

    ip add :
    DG: LALN)
    DNS:Provider DNS
    with this configuration on a LAN Pc,i can connect to the internet,

    But when i try to connect with a remote PC doesn't work,

    Remote pc configuration

    ip address
    DNS :Provider DNS

    i can ping and http the pfsense from the remote pc,but cannot connect to internet.


    i already try 1.1 nat and oubound manual NAT by adding subnet but no good result

  • Netgate Administrator

    Initial guess: your firewall rules are blocking internet access because 172.32.1.x is routed via another subnet. Make sure your firewall rule on the interface also allows 172.32.1.x.
    Could also be routing problem or several other things.
    Check the firewall logs to see if anything is being blocked.

    I assume you have three interfaces on your pfSense box but do you?


  • first of all i modify the diagram ,because i upload an old one.

    so i have just 2 interface on PFsense box.

    there is no rules on both router and pfsense,i delete them.


  • You need 3 things to make this work.

    Route to each different subnet.
    Rule in LAN to allow such traffic.
    Outbound NAT rule to allow the traffic to return.

    I think if you get those setup, you won't have any problems. I think I wouls also turn on the advanced option to bypass firewall rule if the traffic is on the same interface.

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