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  • Hi Guys,
    I am looking at implementing pfsense or m0n0wall for my home adsl connection.
    In regards to running the PPPoE server to my adsl, what physical connection is required?
    I currently use a standard adsl modem/router with inbuilt switch. The phone line for the adsl connection connects to the adsl modem directly. Can I connect the phone line to the WAN port Ethernet inface with some sort of convertor? So I can totally remove my adsl modem/router?
    Many thanks.
    Paul.  ;D

  • This isn't PPPoE server related. Your ISP runs the PPPoE server, your pfsense WAN interface is the PPPoE client. You have to have a DSL modem that connects to your phone line and your pfsense box via Ethernet.

  • Thank you.

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