Squid3 and SSL

  • hello at all,

    i want to test to filter ssl traffic with squid3.

    i read that i cant use a transparence mode with this.

    ok i disable squid transparent.

    i have created /usr/local/www/wpad.dat

    i put it in dns forwarder.

    but no success.

    have anyone a tutorial ?


  • i have set:
    autodetect proxy settings in browser

    but squid + filter are not filtering any more :(((

  • what have i to do in normal words, that i can filter traffic on https?????

    reverse proxy enable ?

    wpad ?

    config ???


    thanks for helping

  • Before using wpad, configure your browser to use squid ip and port.

    When you have all rules set to filter https and http urls(squidguard will improve your filter options) working, then try wpad again.

    Enable squid logs to be able to check what is passing through squid

    Marcello Coutinho

  • i confgured wpad and try to make it work and it doesnt i followed the tutorial in the documentation but nothing happen

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