• Installed, configured pfsense 1.2 BETA to use PPTP and IPSec, road warrior scenario, everything works ok.
    After some time unable to connect via PPTP or IPSec. After reboot everything works again.

    any clue ?


  • This report is too incomplete to even make a guess. What WAN are you uisng? Static or Dynamic IP? Are you using DynDNS? Do you have any systemlogs?

    If you use DynDNS check if your account is updated correctly whenever your WAN IP changes.

  • I'm using DynDNS.
    Updates are correct, I have even tried to put static IP address w/o success. Now I will do reboot every day at 18:00 and see what's happending.

  • I have dynamic IPs at home as well with a dyndnsaccount and have not yet seen this problem. What kind of WAN do you have? PPPoE? DHCP? Is it a real WAN or is it behind another upstream router that does NAT?

  • PPoE resets every 24h on ISP side. I just have Ericsson ADSL modem (from ISP), and on this modem pfsense is direct attached.

  • Found strange behaviour.
    After reboot, PPTP didn't work, even log file didn't show nothing strange. I got internal IP, but unable to ping to/from LAN/WAN.
    After this made a connection via IPSec, everything working fine. ping from LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN works like a charm. Disconected IPSec, now even PPTP is working :).

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