Configure pfSense as a router only

  • Hi,

    I've got a block of 8 IPs (xx.yy.212.240/29) at work.

    The first IP of the block (.241) is automatically attributed to the WAN interface (PPPoE) and is the gateway address.

    If I understand it right, I have to give one of those addresses (for example xx.yy.212.242) to the LAN interface and the addresses left over (243-246) are available for other servers. Is it possible to avoid loosing 1 IP for this purpose?

    For outgoing traffic, this is it (just specify the address of the LAN interface as gateway). For incoming traffic, do I have to create a static route? If yes, can someone give me a tip, my routing knowledge is a little rusty.

    The idea is to put behind this router 2 pfSense servers (configured with CARP); As the connection is authenticated over PPPoE, I can't directly connect them to my provider, right?? i tried but I think it's not possible.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Is the .241 actually assigned via PPPoE? The normal case for a /29 on DSL is to route it to a dynamically assigned PPPoE IP, then you can assign the entire /29 to an internal interface, or use it with NAT.

  • Yes it is assigned by PPPoE. Thanks for your answer.

  • In that case you're stuck using NAT on the rest of the IPs. With regular Ethernet connectivity in that scenario you can bridge a DMZ interface to WAN and use the remaining public IPs on that DMZ, but that's not possible with PPPoE.

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