MLPPP - bonding two adsl connections

  • Hello,

    I wonder if someone can give me a little advise - I have setup a MLPPP connection to a server in order to bond two ADSL connection - both 20mbit connections.

    The connection is fine and I can route traffic over it however it does not seem to make use of the full bandwidth - I still get 20mbit. It seems to split and do 10mbit across each connection instead of 20mbit across each. I know there will be overheads and do not expect to get a combined 40mbit connection - however id expect it to be better than using just one connection.

    It is definitely using both connections as I can see it using both interfaces in the MLPPP using "systat -if" - showing a 10mbit connection over both interfaces. Should I disabled the MLPP and test the connection using just one of the WAN interfaces directly - i get a 20mbit connection.

    one thing i did notice is that in the PPP log i get a message about 'Bundle: Status update: up 2 links, total bandwidth 128000 bps' - however i didnt think this would be the cause of the issue.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any advice?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Aaron:

    Im not an expert by any means but maybe a question or two will jar something loose…  :)

    When you say that the connection is to a server what precisely do you mean?  Behind your pfsense, or to a data center where you have the server doing the other end of the bond??

    Is an ISP providing the MLPPP to you?

    What NIC's are you using?

    What version of pfSense are you using?

    I only have 1.5mbps connections that Im provided by my ISP at the site we use it so can't test here unfortunately...

  • Check your traffic shaper settings. If you used the wizard to set up the shaper when you had only a 10 mbps connection then it will continue to enforce that.

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